I've lived a thousand lives
in the shadows and the wind
I've changed the hands of time
to end where they begin
I've known a love so strong
it's never disappeared
and I've sung it's timeless song
for all the world to hear

I've loved a thousand wives
I've drowned in virgin tears
a faceless, nameless soul
a traveler of the years
I've seen the rise and fall
of empires and seers
and I've cheated life and death
aloof and cavalier

The wind, it whispers in your ear
and if you listen you will hear
all life's answers become clear

I've died a thousand times
I've conquered chance and fear
I've rolled death's loaded dice
to sycophantic cheers
but when the fools cried out
"it's a game you just can't win!"
I laughed while they ate shit
and wiped it from their chins

(C) 2022 come with me music